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The Bloody Red Baron of Horror and Science Fiction

author_picI recently sat down with Mike Baron, a long time veteran of the comic book world and an accomplished novelist. He has authored several adaptations of some of your favorite mainstream heroes and villains. In this interview, Mike introduces us to his work and to the characters that inspire him.

Mike, tell us about yourself and what you do.

I write comic books and novels. I have written Punisher, Flash, Star Wars and many other company characters, but I am best known for my own creations –  Nexus and Badger. Steve Rude and I have been producing Nexus since 1981. Our publishers are Capital, First Comics, Dark Horse, and Rude Dude. There are twelve hardbound Nexus volumes available from Dark Horse.

There is a new Badger series in the works from First Comics. My novels include Biker, Helmet Head, Whack Job and Skorpio. I am adapting Biker into a graphic novel with the artist Chris-Cross for Comicmix. I am adapting Helmet Head into a graphic novel with the artist Elias Martins for White Eye Press. If you like bikes, you’ll like Biker. Skorpio is a horror story about a ghost who only appears under a blazing sun. Whack Job is about spontaneous human combustion.


What’s your work/study background?

I attended the University of Wisconsin where I studied writing with Jerry McNeely and Joel Gersmann. I moved to Boston in the seventies and wrote for The Boston Phoenix, The Real Paper, Boston After Dark, Boston Globe, Creem, Fusion and Oui. In 1971 I participated in a marijuana study conducted by NIMH and Harvard. My account of that experience appeared in The Boston Phoenix and was my first published work

From where do you draw your inspiration for your art?

Life, imagination, alien transmissions.

Do you have a favorite work of art you’ve produced?

mb_3I love all my children, but Nexus and Badger are probably closest to my heart. Just google Badger comic or Nexus comic. I have three Biker sequels in the pipeline that will blow your mind.

What memorable responses have you had to your work?

I have seen a number of Badger and Nexus tattoos. Badger is about a multiple personality only one of whom is a costumed crime fighter. I have heard from MPD [Multiple Personality Disorder] sufferers telling me that the work meant a great deal to them.

mb_1What are you working on at the moment?

A new Nexus, a new Badger, a Biker adaptation, Helmet Head adaptation, an historical novel.

Where can we find your work?

My website is I also have a Badger site.  My Amazon author page can be found here.





Wendy Leaumont

WENDY LEAUMONT grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee and developed an affinity for classic horror and Halloween at an early age. With over twenty years of experience in graphic design, she now focuses on sculpting with air-dry clays and other mixed media. Wendy is a proud military wife and lives with her husband and three cats wherever the United States Air Force sends them. Her work can be found at

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