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Tiffany Trump’s 2011 Pop Song “Like a Bird” Will Mesmerize You

If you think its a song about birds…or being free…you’re not thinking like a Trump

Everyone’s talking about Melania Trump’s speech but the real story is flying under the radar. Who cares if Melania’s speech writer stuffed her mouth with Michelle Obama’s speechwriter’s words? We have more important things to discuss today, namely….HOW IN THE HELL DID AMERICA MISS TIFFANY TRUMP’S POP 2011 POP DEBUT?!!!1111

Trump’s daughter gave a speech the other night and it was okay, but holla if you think she could have permanently shifted this election toward her daddy if she had just gone out there and performed this little gem.

The “song” was created in collaboration with some people named Sprite and Logic and a whole bunch of autotune. The song, “Like a Bird” (no, not the Nellie Furtado classic) is about being free to be who you are as a woman and human being. Its about learning to spread your wings and fulfill your destiny, to fly above all the hatred and bitterness and find the wind beneath your wings.

Just kidding. Its about Twitter. No, seriously. Its about Twitter.

I see you like that spot above.
Crawling through the liquid love.
You’re cute and you’re tweeting me!
Baby you go “Beep, beep, beep!”

The Trump campaign are a bunch of damn fools if they don’t open every single campaign stop with Tiffany Trump performing. Hopefully Sprite and Logic are working on a Snapchat song as we speak. Twitter is so 2011.

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