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Tribal Print Jumpsuits | Platform Wedges

Pair a jumpsuit with some trendy wedges and a sweater and take this look to work, school or out for dinner!

FeaturedImageJoiaSpring has officially arrived! Here in Arizona, the spring conditions have already come and gone. However, the weather has still been pretty good to us; mid-to high 80’s during the day, and nice and cool 50 degrees before the sun rises and after it sets. My allergies have been the worst. I’m in the last days of fighting off a cold that had me down for almost a week. Thank goodness! This past Sunday, it was the perfect temperature to wear my absolute favorite jumpsuit. Granted, I currently only have two jumpsuits so picking a favorite isn’t difficult.

This tube top, tribal print, one-piece was bought at Ross during the summer season last year. I don’t remember the exact price, but I’m sure I didn’t spend more than $15 on it. There’s a possibility that it was cheaper than that. I love the cinching at the ankles to create a modern and comfortable feel. The material is extremely soft, and I never, ever have to put an iron to it. Score!

I’m not a fan of baring arms during Sunday service, so I chose this navy blue number to cover up a bit. It was purchased at forever 21, and has become one of my go-to’s when I need something light to throw on. I didn’t try it on before leaving the store, and almost took it back once I finally did. It reminded me of a hideous, choir robe that had no shape to it whatsoever. I decided to play with the sleeves to create cuffs, and, voila! Gives it a nice look, huh?

These super cute wedges were a just-because gift to myself a couple of years ago. My mom and I spent a Saturday afternoon shopping, and DSW was our last stop of the day. I headed straight for the back! For all of my DSW shoppers, ya’ll know that’s the first stop to make. Sales on top of sales! Again, I can’t give you the comparison prices, but I do remember saving tons of money on these! Shoes in neutral colors are a necessity for every woman (and man!). It offers more outfit choices in the long run. A couple of textured and funky accessories help complete the look. I rarely ever try match my necklaces or bracelets to my ensemble. If they do match, it definitely wasn’t purposeful.

Relaxed fits are my absolute favorite. If I’m not comfortable in what I’m wearing, I will find myself not putting it on again. It takes up useless space in my wardrobe and, even worse, money wasted! I like to think of every piece of clothing I buy as an investment; something that will bring forth opportunities for more. How many outfits can you produce with the items you have in your closet right now? Get creative, shop smart, stay true to yourself, and wear what you want! Until next time!!


Joia Cook

Joia is a 20-something-year old with an old soul. She has a creative passion for the arts just as long as it doesn't involve public speaking!. She is a full-time, medical biller, but dancing will always be her first love. She has recently discovered another passion, expressing herself without words - personal style and fashion. She believes everyone, especially women, should confidently have the freedom to wear whatever they want while staying true to themselves.

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