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A thrift store find can be dressed up by dressing down


I’m so excited to share this look with you all! As mentioned in my last blog post, I lucked up on a few really great clothing items while thrifting in New York. On the final day of the trip, there was about a five hour time span between having to check out of our room at Hotel 32|32, so we took advantage of that time and hit up a few thrift shops. Goodwill was first on the list, but the Salvation Army, which was literally two stores away, caught our attention on the way. After leaving both shops with bags from each in tow, we made our way to the next destination – Vintage Shop.  This place was true to it’s name; there were so many delicate pieces that I was cautious of touching anything. There was a section that even warned to only let the employees handle the valued goods.


When I found the rack with skirts and dresses, I did take the time to look through each of them, but it seemed that the ones that intrigued me, again, weren’t my size. I had given up and began to head back to where my friend was, but a bright, mustard color caught my eye. I walked back to the section, and at the very end, next to the wall, I found this gorgeous skirt tucked in the corner. It was almost as if someone purposely positioned it there so that no one else would spot it. Well, I did!! And it was better than the type of skirt I had in mind. There was no size on the tag; it just read “as is”, but I did like the price which shown to be $18.  It fit perfectly!! There is no extra space, or too little, at the waist, and the length of it stops exactly where I want it. Also, the pleats offer a classic feel. While viewing it in the full-length mirror, I automatically knew that I’d have to piece it with either a white tank or fitted, white tee and a pair of nude heels.

This skirt is a statement piece, so keeping it simple with whatever I chose to wear along with it, was not a question. I thought white would be the best option as far as the top was concerned, because of the rubber, black stripes that details the skirt. And honestly, you can never really go wrong with a white top, which I did not have! So I jumped in the car, drove down the street, and went to Target to buy this one. I left with two others due to a sale they were having. Yay for random Target runs!! I bought these Steve Madden shoes last fall from Burlington’s Coat Factory. They aren’t your classic nude, rather more of a pinky nude, but I loved the cut and didn’t own any heels that had a pointed toe. These pair have become one of my staple items; I can wear them with nearly anything which allows me to maximize my current wardrobe.

I thought it important to also keep my jewelry simple, yet keep with the classy look. These layered pearls were given to me by my grandmother about 5 years ago. I purchased these rectangular ivory studs from none other than Charming Charlie’s. I love that store!! I chose not to wear any bracelets, bangles, or rings since, in my opinion. The focal point is the skirt, and sometimes too many accessories can be overwhelming and throw the entire outfit off.

What I love most about this, is that it is one of a kind. There is no designer tag sown on, and from the stitching on the interior, it is clearly something that was hand made. This will never, ever be found anywhere else! Unless, of course, the designer created more than one. Womp, womp! Anyway, I cannot wait for the next opportunity to wear this skirt. I’m an avid repeater of clothing, so long as I’m able to switch it up, and plan to rock the mess out of this one! It’s already a favorite, hands down!!

As always, remember to shop smart, be creative, and stay true to you!

Joia Cook

Joia is a 20-something-year old with an old soul. She has a creative passion for the arts just as long as it doesn't involve public speaking!. She is a full-time, medical biller, but dancing will always be her first love. She has recently discovered another passion, expressing herself without words - personal style and fashion. She believes everyone, especially women, should confidently have the freedom to wear whatever they want while staying true to themselves.

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