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The Write Now Podcast Presents: “Tips for Writing While Traveling”

This week, Sarah shares some things she learned while on a bit of a summer hiatus about traveling and writing and not going completely insane. If you’re a working writer and you often have to be away from your writing nest (or cave or den or treehouse. We don’t judge!), you’ll want to take some notes. So listen i–




Wait, wait, wait. I have to tell you about something very cool that Sarah just started, as in just this week! She has launched a new show called Girl in Space. It’s the ongoing story of, well, a girl. Who is in space. And has a robot for a companion. Who is a bit cranky. And there’s a mysterious light. And cheeses. If you like Tanis or The Black Tapes, this show might just be your new jam.


You must head over to Girl in Space and subscribe to the show. The story is only going to get better from here. Listen in!

And, of course, check out the Write Now Podcast web site and subscribe to her iTunes feed.

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