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Wake up, sheeple: Time travel is real and here’s the proof

“Adidas mummy rocks those creps”


Archaeologists in Mongolia have blown the lid off the secret time travel conspiracy. It’s gonna get weird.

Hello? McFly?

An archaeological discovery has the internet buzzing about time travel, and understandably so. This proof is pretty hard to dismiss.

Sweet Kicks
Sweet Kicks (photo © Khovd Museum)

Scientists discover 1,500-year-old Mongolian mummy ‘wearing Adidas boots’

An ancient mummy discovered in Mongolia seems to be way ahead of its time fashion wise – by wearing Adidas trainers.

According to The Sun, scientists unearthed the 1,500-year-old remains of a woman’s hands and feet high up in the Altai Mountains.

But the cutting edge footwear, with the trademark stripes of the sportswear brand, is causing a stir on the internet, and fueling talk of time travel.

It makes sense. What better use could there be for time travel than to go back a millennium and a half to equip Mongolian horsemen with quality athletic footwear? Forget about killing Hitler, we’ve got to get these new cross-trainers to Genghis Khan. His people need them to conquer central Asia.

Clearly this is not proof of time travel. However, it strongly suggests the existence of Indonesian sweatshops in the 4th century.

Pot roast?

Product packaging has gotten downright crazy. It took two guys and a big hammer just to open this meat delivery.

Hey, at least it’s still fresh.

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