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The Weekly Re#: Entertainment and Celebrity News

Your weekend breakdown of all the best entertainment stories of the past week. #BathroomReading

weeklyrhash#CrazyExes The best show you’re probably not watching is My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and its’ been renewed for a second season.

#BirthdayBabe Professional professional person Liza Minelli turns 70 today. And in case you ever doubted her professional fabulousness here’s a clip of Ms.M performing “Single Ladies” in Sex and the City 2: The Quest for Another Paycheck

#TrumpsterFire A fight broke out at a Chicago Trump rally. This is my shocked face.

#RIPGoodAndFaithfulServant The chihuahua that played “Bruiser” in Legally Blonde has passed away at the ripe old age of 17. He better make the next Oscar’s In Memoriam or I organize a walkout #OscarsSoHuman

#WeddingBells NFL star Russell Wilson proposed to his girlfriend of one year, Ciara. The two have faced a lot of criticism for their public declaration of celibacy until marriage. Looks like Wilson figured out he needed to buy that cow if wants any milk! Congrats to the happy couple.

#SlutPride Amber Rose says she’s a proud slut so….there you go.

#ClassistCartoons Some dude did study on class in Disney films and figured out poor people aren’t usually the main characters. His study is excitingly titled “Benign Inequality: Frames of Poverty and Social Class Inequality in Children’s Movies,” I can’t wait for the Disney version starring Princess PoorPants.

#TheRightKindofTrans Caitlyn Jenner apparently isn’t welcome in the LGBT community unless Caitlyn Jenner holds the proper pre-approved political views. Yay for inclusivity!

#LikeADrunkVirgin Madonna showed up 4 hours late to her concert in Melbourne and when she did she rode on to the stage on a tricycle dressed as a clown. Apparently the Material Girl was pretty drunk, but fans seemed more amused than angry. Madonna has been dealing with a very public battle for custody of her son (Rocco)  with director Guy Ritchie.

#LaidToRest Former First Lady Nancy Reagan was laid to rest next to her beloved husband, Ronnie. Notably absent was President Obama who opted to attend SXSW instead. And who can blame him for choosing to rock out with his cock out rather than sit around at some boring funeral for an important historical figure? Be careful out there, Mr.President! If someone offers you little pills, JUST SAY NO.

#HeckieNah Massive Great White Shark captured in South Carolina. It’s time to set the ocean on fire. We don’t need it anymore.

#DuggarDouches Josh Duggar won’t be appearing on his wife’s spin-off show, Jill & Jessa. No one should be appearing on Jill & Jessa. No Duggar should be on tv ever again. This is why we are going to see a Donald Trump presidency – YOU GET WHAT YOU DESERVE, AMERICA!

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