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Groovy Friday – Pussycat-A-Go-Go

Summer is in full swing and here we are, poolside again.


It’s Friday!

scopitoneSummer is in full swing and here we are, poolside again.  I have no idea who these people are and I don’t see any pussycats. but I do know that this is a Scopitones clip.  Scopitones were 16mm films that ran on a specialized form of jukebox from the late 40s to the early 70s, a precursor to music videos.  You’ve seen them here before and you’ll see them here again.  They usually featured lots of young attractive people (mostly women) dancing.

Well hell, that’s what Groovy Friday is all about!

This is a medley of dance songs; The Twist, The Giddyup, The Jerk and finally The Swim, originated by Groovy Friday alum Bobby Freeman.

Have a groovy weekend!

André Dupuy

Andre Dupuy is the youngest of five children, a fourth-generation Californian and he knows how to drive a Model-T Ford.

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